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Zucchini Drive Charlottes Basement

Zucchini Drive – Charlotte’s Basement (CD)

Zucchini Drive’s Marcus Graap and Tom De Geeter have a knack for cooking up surprising music from unlikely ingredients. From…


Zucchini Drive – Easy Tiger EP

Zucchini drive are an alternative electronic hip-hop duo, who found their roots in the winter of 2003 somewhere in between…


Zucchini Drive – No Food But Lots..

Working in remote locations in London and Belgium, Zucchini Drive’s latest projectNo Food and Lots of Weapons is completely self-produced,…


Gunporn – Pretty Pretty Please

Founded Summer 2004 as an international project for experimenting with different kind of sounds in combination with raps.. Members: Bleubird…


Zucchini Drive – Being Kurtwood

The block-paved coupling of Marcus Graap (Stacs of Stamina) and Speed Dial 7 (Cavemen Speak), Zucchini Drive are best lumped…


Zucchini Drive – Goodyear Television Playhouse

This record sold over 3500 copies worldwide, and was supported by a tour in Europe, the US, and two tours…


The World After 4/02 – Vikings & Waffles

The World After 4/02 was the first name of a collaboration between the Belgian Tom De Geeter from Cavemen Speak…


Nuccini! – Matters of Love and Death

If we had to pick just one release to represent the variety of our distributed labels, it could very well…


Hue & Laugh & Cry: Sounds of Humming

Hue and Laugh and Cry is the 1st compilation from Hue. Hue is a label based in Tokyo which introduces…