Elissa P: Quickie Calendar

Elissa P: Quickie Calendar

Band : Elissa P
Title : Quickie Calendar
Release Date : Mar 5, 2010
Catalog ref. : MOD006
Format : Digital Download, CD

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Patience is not a flower which blooms in Elissa P.’s garden. So, tired of trying to trick a producer into engineering her latest project, she just decided to come up with something herself. The resulting Quickie Calendar is a smart and clean collection of unmannerly pop songs, complete with snap-clap percussion, sweet layered melodies, and mean lyrics: (“You look like you need a friend, but I’m not offerin’”). Two steps back from her technically-sound 2006 release (produced by Brenmar of These Are Powers), Quickie Calendar humbly explores what it’s like to dress up a song in a outfit with shoulder pads and a nametag and tell it to pretend to be serious. And then make it dance around. To be more clear, the record has sonically immortalized a pair of $3 drumsticks, the click of a bulldog’s nails on linoleum, and one very proud Vietnamese frog. You can find all updates, including 2 videos for “Quickie Calendar” on www.marathonofdope.com. On 5th of March 2010 “Quickie Calendar” will be available for download on this same website. For your Physical copy of this album, you can email us at info@marathonofdope.com … Enjoy!