Gwenaelle: S/T

Gwenaelle: S/T

Band : Gwenaëlle
Title : Gwenaëlle
Release Date : Oct 29, 2013
Catalog ref. : MOD034
Format : Digital Download, CD

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Written, composed and performed by Gwenaelle Recorded, mixed and mastered by Speed Dial 7 Coverart by Olivier Deryckere Gwenaëlle was born in april 1985. As a 3 year old she started playing piano and 15 years later, having enough of playing the classical masterpieces with perfection, she decided to develop the talent of making very minimalistic music. As she thinks no talent in the world should be wasted, she started making songs with just a guitar and/or piano. The lyrics are not hard to understand, but at times touching and fragile. Be on the look out for this singer/songwriter talent!