John Smith


John Smith

John Smith is widely regarded as Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada’s most versatile MC. Respected by all of Hip Hop’s fractured factions, Smith is just as comfortable bringing a hot sixteen bars to the club as he is serving up youngsters in street corner ciphers. Smitty crafts songs that detail his adventures as an MC, party animal, and self-described “wrongtrepeneur”. Stylistically, he eases through a myriad of flows with a delivery that ranges from quietly conversational to loud, damning testimonial. His quick wit, wordplay, and an uncanny knack for social observation in combination with almost 10 years of recording experience is indicative of his dedication to songwriting, rapping, and Hip Hop.

Smith moved to Winnipeg from Churchill, Manitoba’s northernmost community, in 1993. The transition from the “polar bear capitol of the world” to the “murder capitol of Canada” was surprisingly smooth for the young MC, who quickly gained notoriety as a ruthless battle rapper. After serving a brief apprenticeship as mcenroe’s hype man, the two MCs, along with DJ Hunnicutt formed Park-Like Setting and released the full length School Day 2, Garbage Day 4, in the fall of 2000. Smitty’s since released three albums, Blunderbus (2001), Pinky’s Laundromat (2004), and Growing Pains (2006) on Peanuts & Corn Records. His collaborative effort with Skratch Bastid and Pip Skid, Takin Care Of Business (First Things First Records), dominated Canadian campus radio charts in 2005. The lead single from Growing Pains, “Anytime”, was named one of CBC Radio 3′s Top Ten Hip Hop Songs Of 2006.On his own or in cahoots, John Smith has been embraced with national and international critical acclaim, receiving glowing reviews from magazines like Exclaim!, Pound, URB, and the UK’s Hip Hop Connection.

Smitty’s fourth solo endeavor, Its True Because It Rhymes, introduces his listeners to producer Murdock, and a new style and sound. Its True Because It Rhymes takes a step towards the mainstream, without compromising the truthful, emotional content that has won fans of Smith over worldwide. Murdock’s lush instrumentation and smooth, groove oriented beats invite listeners into John’s realm, and provide a rich backdrop for Smith to wax poetic over.

John Smith continues to gain momentum with a banging new album, a high energy live show, and pounds of respect from peers across Canada and worldwide.