Nomad is the alter ego of Ruben Kindermans. He was born in Kortrijk, Belgium in 1981.

He started out as a drummer in a couple of rockbands but soon he felt the urge to pick up the microphone and to compose songs himself. Together with two friends he formed a hip-hop band called Cavemen speak. Nomads weird singing combined with the raps of Tom De Geeter and Oliver Vandenbussche resulted in a unique style of music that gained a lot of success. After a couple of great albums the tree members went their own way. Nomad made two solo albums, ‘Lemon tea’ and ‘Cats and Babies’. His song are really simple but full of character, the lyrics are funny and disturbing at the same time. His music is a mix of folk, hip-hop, electronica…Because of his distinct voice Nomad has been a much asked vocalist on plenty of hiphop albums.

Nomad is a one man project but on stage he is assisted by his talented ‘Cavemen Speak’ buddy Tom De Geeter, better known as Speeddial 7. Together they played shows throughout Europe and Japan.

His new album ‘No Magic’ is Nomads best work yet and disserves you attention.