Passage: Pass and Touch EP

Passage: Pass and Touch EP

Band : Passage
Title : Pass and Touch EP
Release Date : Mar 30, 2011
Catalog ref. : MOD015
Format : Digital Download

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Passage/Passaj, David Bryant started at 17 with a DJ starter kit and a Roberta Flack record. After realizing the supreme usefulness of the very tiny 12 second sampler on his gigantic Gemini mixer, the wedding DJ in a box went back to the shop in exchange for a bigger sampler and two drum machines. In 98 Passage or Passaj started recording at his mother’s house in New Hampshire, eventually recording Moods and Sympoms with Bomarr, Emynd, Wes Bonifay, Nick Starr and Jesse Dangerously.

Soon after, he founded Restiform Bodies with Bomarr and Telephone Jim Jesus as a laugh. A couple months later Dose One called from Amoeba Berkeley for Restiform Bodies cassettes and the fellas moved to professionally jock anticon in Oakland, CA. In the process, Passage/Passaj, Bomarr and TJJ whipped up an official self titled release in 2001, and in 2004 Passaj recorded and released The Forcefield Kids on anticon to some indie acclaim.

In 2008 Passaj again teamed up with Bomarr and Jeezy to make Tv Loves You Back. Passaj has worked and toured with Sole, Dose One, Why? Alias, Bomarr, Telephone Jim Jesus, Mike Busse of Chronic Future, Broken Spindles, The Faint, Of Montreal, Grand Buffet, Back Ted N Ted and Lazer Sword.