Pip Skid: People are the Worst

Pip Skid: People are the Worst

Band : Pip Skid
Title : People Are the Worst
Release Date : Apr 20, 2012
Catalog ref. : MOD024
Format : Digital Download, Cassette

Listen to the single:

Pip Skid’s record People Are The Worst isn’t so much as album as it is a collected works. Some of the songs were written a few months ago while others a few years ago.

The intention was originally to just dump them in their lethargic form out onto the internet but Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar pulled them to safety & they were re-recorded & re-worked to make People Are The Worst.

PATW is a guest heavy half hour full of what you would come to expect from a Pip Skid record. Anger, madness, stupid jokes & rap with some more rap on top of it. Enjoy.

Liner Notes:
Recorded & Mixed by Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar.
Additional guitar, bass & keys by Oldfolks Home.
Mastered by mcenroe.
Tracks 1, 4, 7, 8 & 9 Produced by Dj Kutdown
Tracks 5 & 6 Produced by Dj Hunnicutt
Track 2 Produced by Gordski
Track 3 Produced by Aries with additional playing by Oldfolks Home
Track 10 Produced by B-Flat of The Lytics with additional playing by Oldfolks Home.
Cover art by Bert Dombrecht