Pip Skid: Tens of Dollars EP

Pip Skid: Tens of Dollars EP

Band : Pip Skid
Title : Tens of Dollars EP
Release Date : Jul 5, 2011
Catalog ref. : MOD018
Format : Digital Download

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Why would we remix a song that already has everything? Why would a badger eat rotten berries and sleep on a highway? It’s all quite simple really. The Tens of Dollars EP is essentially a digital 12”. The idea stemming from a long list of amazing rap maxi singles and 12” style EP’s that came with thoughtful remixes and a rock solid bonus cut.

Not to mention some banging new artwork. Never being one to dwell too hard on the days of old we trudge forward & bring you another star studded download. Whether it’s the Dj Hunnicutt party break you wanna flap out to or the beautifully bizarre Dj Gordski version… its all here. Maybe you’re more into hip-house and the Moves mix will suit your fancy? Or you could be wrenched with OCD & you need to clean the already clean house to the mcenroe joint. Who knows? Its even possible that you suffer from the same anger issues we do and the only thing that could sit right with you is a brand new jam.

There’s also a chance you like to pump the Ric Hard disco shit and dress up like a civil servant while eating ice cream at 4am. I mean really, for all we know you might be a total asshole who hates remixes and only wants to listen to the unadulterated Dj Kutdown original. Either way we got you covered like mosquitos in the marsh.

Cover art by Burnt Lobster. http://burntlobster.blogspot.com