Pip Skid


Pip Skid

“Pip Skid is the ugly truth. He is a rap firebrand whose music transcends its humble prairie origins. His unvarnished commentary on political and social issues has earned him pockets of admirers all over the world. His songs are propelled by imagery and messages that provoke people to question, think, and act. Pip Skid can be repulsive, he can be inspiring, but he can never be dull.

Far from a newcomer, Pip Skid has been writing and performing for half his life. Starting out with the seminal group Farm Fresh from his native Brandon, Manitoba, Pip was at the forefront of a burgeoning hip hop scene in central Canada in the early 1990′s. He is a cornerstone of the success of indie label Peanuts & Corn Records and has featured on many of their 40 releases.

Beyond Farm Fresh, Pip has recorded four solo projects, the most recent being 2007′s “The Pip Donahue Show” EP. He has also recorded as a member of such high profile groups as Fermented Reptile, Hip Hop Wieners, Taking Care Of Business and Break Bread. Well received by both fans and critics, these recordings have made Pip heavily in demand for guest appearances on more than a dozen other albums.

By day, Pip Skid teaches youth how to make music with his “Make Rap Happen” program. In high demand with schools, community centres and cultural groups, the program touches on the history of hip hop music and basic techniques of rapping, deejaying, performing and recording. The underlying emphasis however is on self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork and having fun. Knowing what a great emotional outlet music can be, Pip treasures the opportunity to pass the tradition on to kids who may not always have the emotional supports they need.

The Pip Skid live show is legendary. When he takes the stage, the reclusive man becomes the outspoken artist. Funny and frenetic, animated and volatile, but above all, entertaining, Pip is the animal freed from his cage. His performances are a powerful workout for both the audience and the artist — draining and gratifying all at once. Pip Skid has toured his chaotic live show extensively throughout North America and Europe.

After 17 years of making music, Pip Skid couldn’t be relevant if he wasn’t sincere.

His method and his sound evolve with each project but the thread that ties them all together is strong. Forces that shape our lives, for better or worse, all come under Pip’s microscope – food, politics, violence, love, hate, pop culture, subculture, and social justice — concepts that thinking people can relate to.
Pip Skid keeps evolving and rap music stays fresh. That’s the ugly truth.