Rob Crooks: Downtown ’09

Rob Crooks: Downtown '09

Band : Rob Crooks
Title : Downtown ’09
Release Date : Dec 11, 2014
Catalog ref. : MOD041
Format : Digital Download

Listen to the single:

City Sounds featuring Pip Skid by Rob Crooks
Friday Night Girls #12 & 35 by Rob Crooks
Devil In Her Eyes by Rob Crooks
Stab Somebody by Rob Crooks
A Toast featuring John Smith by Rob Crooks
Monday Morning by Rob Crooks

Written and Produced by Rob Crooks
Mixed and Mastered by Speed Dial 7 / Tom De Geeter
Coverart by Pip Skid / Patrick Skene

Winnipeg is a cold and isolated city, dirty and dilapidated. It is a city divided between the South and the North, by race and by class. It is surrounded, like most cities in the Western World, by cookie-cutter suburban homes, box stores and fast food chains. But in the gut of the city, in downtown Winnipeg, the very real divisions that make up its essence intersect in an anarchic clash of hedonism and despair.

It is this image of Winnipeg that serves as the backdrop for Rob Crooks’ new EP Downtown ’09. The iconic punk clubs and temporary speak-easies, the dive bars and late-night beer vendors, the dark alleys where drugs are bought, sold and consumed all make up the setting for Crooks’ story telling. The loosely connected coming-of-age narrative stitched together in these six songs guides the listener through the progressive stages of young adulthood, all in the span of a single weekend. From the earliest encounter with “City Sounds,” and the immature and not-so-innocent trysts with “Friday Night Girls,” to the moral hangover of “Monday Morning,” Downtown ‘09 is an often dark depiction of dysfunctional scenesters in a dysfunctional city.

Sonically, Downtown ’09 matches Crooks’ raw and rapid vocal delivery with the gritty punk aesthetic predominant in Winnipeg’s counter-cultures. The upbeat tempos and catchy hooks give the EP the feel of an illegal dance party, in an abandoned warehouse, ready to be shut down by the police at any moment. Guest appearances by Winnipeg hip-hop legends Pip Skid and John Smith help to round out this short, but detailed vision of the dark side of Winnipeg’s edgy and unpredictable nightlife. So why not spend the weekend in downtown Winnipeg, with Rob Crooks as your guide?