Speed Dial 7: Short Rich Apocalypse

Speed Dial 7: Short Rich Apocalypse

Band : Speed Dial 7
Title : Short Rich Apocalypse
Release Date : Sep 11, 2010
Catalog ref. : MOD009
Format : Digital Download, Vinyl, CD

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Zucchini Drive’s Tom De Geeter has released his first solo album under the moniker Speed Dial 7. The resulting Short Rich Apocalypse beds the varying performances from the likes of Mike Ladd, M Sayyid, Passage, Rob Sonic and Pip Skid.

These contributions are made cohesive by a hearty blend of De Geeter’s own vocals, and nostalgic samples that hearken to road trip delirium, ghosts, the circus and whichever basement you were hanging out in the 90s. Short Rich Apocalypse gives a home to disjointed and eerie tracks like Slow Motion Cocaine (Mike Ladd, K-The-I, etc), catchy throwback numbers like Poker Faces (Pip Skid, Birdapres), and even a tight and rebellious version of Springsteen’s State Trooper (Passage).

The gauzy and familiar production is paired with aggressive yowls, manic lyrical wanderings, and an in-your-face mantra which can be boiled down to the lyric, “ease up, have some birthday cake.” Give a listen for a compelling sonic experience that lands somewhere between listening to the first mixtape you ever made, and being aurally tasered. In a good way.“