Speed Dial 7


Speed Dial 7

Tom De Geeter is, for all intents and purposes, a one-man band—known mostly by the moniker Speed Dial 7. However, you may have seen (and heard) De Geeter in Zucchini Drive, or perhaps Cavemen Speak, or maybe Nuccini, or perhaps Gunporn. But, trust us—he’s a one-man show at heart.

Belgian, hailing from Kortrijk, Tom has been around the world professionally (with the aforementioned Zucchini Drive) and privately, culling and gleaning bits of world music, reaping and sowing chords and notes from the West Coast of America to the Far East of Asia. Those travels don’t simply color an interesting backstory, told softly on bar stools—rather, they turn his music into a veritable melting-pot of sonic style and resonance.

De Geeter spreads this work by sharing his vocals on those projects he feels mesh with his musical visions: sample-based foundations, original melodies, or even while working with friends like Mich Decruyenaere of legendary band Hitch, Pip Skid, M Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium, Warp), Mike Ladd (Infesticons, Big Dada), Rob Sonic (Rhymesayers), Passage (Restiform Bodies, Anticon) and others.

If there’s one thing that can be said about Tom De Geeter’s sound, it is this: It is never dull and it is never tired. His symphonic journey is one of never-ending evolution and change, striving tirelessly to explore every niche of music the world has to offer in an attempt to refine his own.