Sugar Pill Gang: S/T

Sugar Pill Gang: S/T

Band : Sugar Pill Gang
Title : Sugar Pill Gang
Release Date : Jun 16, 2013
Catalog ref. : MOD033
Format : Digital Download

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Written by Pip Skid, Rob Crooks and Speed Dial 7
Featuring Greg MacPherson, Dj Co-op, Gruf the Druid, Nomad and Yy
Produced by Speed Dial 7 and Rob Crooks
Additional instrumentation by Speed Dial 7 and Pieter Blancke
Mixed and Mastered by Speed Dial 7 in Kortrijk, Belgium
Cover art by Bert Dombrecht

The international force known as the Sugar Pill Gang is a band of depraved outsiders and pseudo-musicians. Individually Pip Skid, Speed Dial 7 and Rob Crooks are three misfits that have emerged from the gutters and alleys of their hometowns, drenched in puddle water, with alcohol breath and nicotine-stained teeth, to connect across oceans, from Belgium to Canada.

With vague ideology and disconnected narratives, they scoff at the idea that they are to be attached to some sort of coherent “movement.” They are fully entrenched in an absurd world, devoid of meaning or substance. Over driving beats, they are shouting some kind of poetry that sounds like the primitive moaning and groaning of the basest form of expressive being.

Not only are they convinced that they won’t be understood; they are sure there is nothing to understand. This is the Sugar Pill Gang’s invitation to a new kind of party.