Dj Co-op: Well, You Needn’t

Dj Co-op: Well, You Needn't

Band : Dj Co-op
Title : Well, You Needn’t
Release Date : Feb 2, 2012
Catalog ref. : MOD023
Format : Digital Download

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I’ve been staying at Pip Skid’s house in Winnipeg before heading to join him and Speed Dial 7 in Europe and wanted to make some music before hitting the road again. So I sampled a bunch of records from Pip’s collection into a Dr Sample, and came up with these noisy, dense loops which I put into the laptop and used as the base for these beats. I tried not to spend too long on each one – the whole thing was done in 2 days, not unlike last year’s Nice Work If You Can Get It, which was done in an all-night session.