Zucchini Drive: No Food But Lots of Weapons

Zucchini Drive: No Food But Lots of Weapons

Band : Zucchini Drive
Title : No Food But Lots of Weapons
Release Date : September 12, 2012
Catalog ref. : MOD030
Format : Digital Download, Vinyl, CD

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The latest full-length album No Food But Lots of Weapons from dynamic genre-hopping duo Zucchini Drive is available today, via Marathon of Dope/Vlas Vegas.

Drawing upon their many influences, including progressive rock, garage rock, and hip hop, Zucchini Drive is able to bring to new light to every new release.

Working in remote locations in London and Belgium, Zucchini Drive’s latest projectNo Food and Lots of Weapons is completely self-produced, and the album reporesents the duo’s take on a 2012 world. The band found inspiration from many sources for this album, including, “dark humor with a touch of sarcastic political commentary. And break-up sex.”

All songs written by Marcus Graap and Speed Dial 7
All songs produced by Marcus Graap, Speed Dial 7 and Pieter Blancke
Mixed and mastered by Johan Hugo (The Very Best)
Artwork by Bert Dombrecht