Nomad – Hitmoney (CD – Digipack)


Nomad’s not to be called a regular singer-songwriter. His mysterious mix of a high voice sound with electronic beats and folk influence result in an odd, but extremely interesting style of music.

Ruben Kindermans – Nomad’s alterego – started as a drummer in a couple of rock bands but soon he felt the urge to pick up the microphone. His carrier as a vocalist took off with a project of his distinct voice, two of his best friends, Tom De Geeter and Oliver Vandenbussche, and some nasty hip hop beats. A few albums and great success later, the three talents went their own way.

Ruben decided to compose his own songs full of character and funny but disturbing lyrics. Nomad was born. His debut album “Lemon Tea” was a direct hit and its fan base reached as far as Japan.

After three unique solo albums, here’s his “Hitmoney ” with Lyrics as sharp-witted as usual and production help by Zucchini Drive’s Tom De Geeter.

A more poppy vibe shows in songs like ‘What I do’ and ‘Superheroes’. ‘Jesus’ and ‘Wake up’ expose Nomad’s more modest nature but grab you instantly by the throat. The classic Nomad recipe that takes you on a cloud straight to higher spheres meets us in ‘Apocalypse’, ‘Waterfalls’ and his new single ‘Under my bed’. Loyal fans won’t at all be disappointed and adherents of lo-fi beats and electronic music shouldn’t cold-shoulder this album under any circumstances.

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