Zucchini Drive – Charlotte’s Basement (CD)


Charlotte’s Basement’ totally fits in with Zucchini Drive’s previous albums when it comes to change, innovation and new influences. This album is the big brother of the family with a more open, atmospheric character. The tempo of the vocal parts brought to a lower level, while melody and beats sound edgier than ever.

Spherical intro’s bring you to an electronical climax, one more explicit than the other.
For this album they joined forces with Mike Ladd and Nomad for vocal parts and got creative assistence of Pieter Blancke, Mich Decruynaere and Levy Seynaeve for the instrumentals.

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Zucchini Drive’s Marcus Graap and Tom De Geeter have a knack for cooking up surprising music from unlikely ingredients. From the onset of their collaboration in 2002, the pair tackled the challenge of melding the lo-fi acoustic sounds of De Geeter’s primary project, Cavemen Speak and the buoyant electronic landscapes of Graap’s Stacs of Stamina. Perhaps the group’s energy was evoked by this sonic dichotomy, or perhaps by the sheer distance between the two, (Swedish Graap and Belgian De Geeter did much of their work remotely, meeting sporadically in London, Paris, Brussels and in between). No matter the cause, Zucchini Drive emerged as an project of which change seemed be the only constant.

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