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The music world has experienced a decade of output from experimental post-rap duo, Marcus Graap and Speed Dial 7. Since its advent ten years ago, aptly named The World After 4/02, this project has emerged under many titles and incarnations, most notably as Zucchini Drive. Their first official EP, Easy Tiger was soon followed by Being Kurtwood, which featured Markus Acher (The Notwist), Alias, Lord Grunge (Grand Buffet), Bleubird, B. Fleishmann, Styrofoam and remixes by Hitch and France’s techtonic dance pioneer Tepr.

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This record sold over 3500 copies worldwide, and was supported by a tour in Europe, the US, and two tours in Japan. Zucchini Drive’s third release, Goodyear Television Playhouse was produced by KaeoFLUX but also partly by Radical Face and Nomad. Although Graap and Speed Dial feel this is one of their strongest works to date, the album slipped through the cracks in a label shuffle, and never quite permeated as many ears as they had hoped. As means to commemorate Zucchini Drive’s ten year anniversary, Marathon Of Dope will reissue Goodyear Television Playhouse. Features on this record include Elissa P., Radical Face, Nomad, and No Surrender. Graap and De Geeter consider this album to mark a monumental turning point in their style, and still turn to tracks like “Mannequinlegs” and “Choke,” as touchstones for their sound. This reissue came out on 4/02 on Marathon of Dope, exactly 10 years after the first recordings. Here we are yet again the world after the 4th of february.

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