Tim Hoover – More Napkins

New Tim Hoover (Dj Co-op) Release on Woven Records

Tim Hoover – More Napkins (Sampler) by Woven Records

Tim Hoover has dropped the “Co-op” nickname and released a forward-thinking collection of music which straddles the line between DJ mix and instrumental album. Drawing samples and inspiration from a handful of both well-known and obscure tracks, Hoover composed 60 minutes of original music divided into 5 movements which sit together as a cohesive piece. Samples and melodies are introduced and referenced later in the piece, as the tempo, colour and even time signature shifts from track to track. Drawing inspiration from the slow building violin melodies of groups like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, as well as the frenetic chopped drums of Prefuse 73, More Napkins is the perfect “headphone album,” rewarding the listener with new surprises on each listen.

Release Date: September 13, 2011